Maverick Nation


We are building a community of emerging world startups and help Corporates,
Governments and Investors engage with them to meet their stratgic G&Os

Our Mission.

More startup success stories from the emerging world

Startups in emerging regions operate in a world lacking in client and investment opportunities critical to their sustained business growth.
They have ample government support by way of grants. Our mission is to bring in the other two crucial components – globally – to help them succeed

Maverick Nation - about us

Expertise Spectrum.

Startup Growth

✔ Global opportunities to work with Corporates, Investors and Governments

✔ Client Lead and Sales Generation in the UK and North American markets

Startup Ecosystems

✔ A 4-step model to build a sustainable startup ecosystem of an emerging city
or region

✔ Branding & marketing an emerging city/region among global startup community to attract best talent

Corporate Innovation

✔ Helping mid / large sized companies collaborate with startups to innovate and stay ahead of competition

✔ New markets: collaborate with or invest in startups (CVC) to add new Business Units or enter new Geos