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Startup Growth

Global opportunities to expand to new markets in Europe via Poland.

Find money and talent to develop technology for your Deep-Tech startup.

Real growth enablers for expansion into the US and North American market.

Startup Ecosystems

A 4-step proprietary methodology to build a sustainable startup ecosystem in your city and chart out your startup development roadmap

Branding and marketing of your city as top startup destination to our global community of startups

Consulting services on designing incentives and startup programs that attract best startups, make them stay and hire in your city

Corporate Innovation

Helping mid / large sized companies collaborate with startups to innovate and stay ahead of competition.

New markets: collaborate with or invest in startups (CVC) to add new Business Units or enter new Geos


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Non-paid stories.

Lublin has noticed start-ups. City wants to attract tech projects

The cooperation between Lublin City Hall and the Maverick Nation is expected...

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Are grants essential to attract the best startups to Poland? Not necessarily...

Maverick Nation has acquired ThermoMind for the city of Lubiln

A startup revolutionizing breast cancer detection has chosen Lublin...

Can Polish health care work better? Solutions created by startups

Gdansk has recently attracted some very interesting startups...

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