Israeli startup ‘ThermoMind’ chose Lublin

Maverick Nation was able to convince the Israeli startup ThermoMind to choose the Polish city of Lublin as the base of its operations.

And more startups are on the way. Here, investments will be made to transform the city into an innovation HUB that brings together talent interested in working on avant-garde technologies.

ThermoMind is an established startup whose AI-based technology is revolutionizing the way it detects breast cancer and monitors patients. Their desire to expand further required finding a location that included the presence of top developer and R&D talent, as well as modern medical infrastructure and the right business partners. Lublin offered much more.

Representatives of the city, ThermoMind and Maverick Nation in front of the Lublin Municipal Office, Poland

The city possesses all the necessary conditions to attract startups, especially in the Medtech industry. Together with the Medical University of Lublin, the Klastra Initiative has been developed since 2014 – a platform for cooperation in the practice and medical sciences between universities, scientific and research units, medical entities, entrepreneurs, business environment institutions, and local government units – and currently brings together more than 170 entities, including more than 140 companies, hospitals, and universities across the region.

ThermoMind has already started assembling a Polish team. By the end of the year, they will have recruited 12 high-level specialists. Clinical trials are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024, with Lublin Medical University as the main partner.

A meeting with city representatives was held in Lublin on August 30, 2023. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the city and potential partners interested in cooperation.

I believe that Lublin is the best possible location to develop our business, and I am extremely pleased that Maverick Nation drew our attention to its huge potential. What surprised us was the highly professional scientific background and the support of representatives of local authorities and institutions. We are after discussions with both the city and potential partners so that we can start our operations and investments soon, said Najeeb Ayoub, Co-founder, CEO of ThermoMind

Currently, 11 clinical centers in 8 countries around the world are working with ThermoMind. Soon, a pilot program to conduct the largest prospective clinical trial changing the way breast cancer is detected and patients are monitored will also be implemented in Poland. This is the main reason why a meeting was organized with representatives of the city, Lublin universities, and medical institutions.

We are ready to support the best ideas and projects in almost every aspect. Lublin has an experienced team and infrastructure that offer immense possibilities, as well as international connections. We aim to work with the best. – said Marzena Strok-Sadło, Head of Business Ecosystems and Business Infrastructure Office at the City of Lublin

We were deeply impressed by our recent visit to Lublin, Poland. The city’s top-notch universities and advanced medical facilities underscore its potential as a hub for innovation in Medtech and more. The city’s forward-thinking approach to clinical studies stands out on the global stage. We’re indebted to the municipality for facilitating meaningful connections with key stakeholders and illuminating the city’s dynamic ecosystem. said Larisa Adamyan PhD, Co-founder, CSO at ThermoMind

Maverick Nation begins with the premise that true innovation of entire regions is achieved primarily by building startup ecosystems.

We are reaching out to startups that have already established a reputation and are willing to invest instead of relying on grants. We want to give previously overlooked regions a powerful shot in the arm, and as a result, startups created by local entrepreneurs will begin to emerge over the next three-five years. Our focus now is to enable global growth of ThermoMind through Lublin – providing them connections across Europe” said Vikas Malhotra, founder and CEO of Maverick Nation

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