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City Brand, Marketing

Define a unique Brand for your City that appeals to startups worldwide, create awareness and build a Community to attract best Global Startups to your city

Problem At Hand

Attracting global startups

Most cities waste millions of $$ in trying to attract top foreign startups to their city in their ambition to become the next global startup hub. This attracts struggling startups and grant-tourists, who abandon your city within a couple of months.


How we help

We start with helping you define a distinct Brand that appeals to startups, attract their attention through clever marketing and then build a startup community around your Brand so they actually set up business in your city and stay. With € 0,00 grant money.

Define Brand

We conduct a couple strategic and Branding workshops with City officials to define your unique Brand that appeals to global startups and attracts them to the city

Clever Marketing

With a clever mix of social media, events and 25+ startup community partners and brand ambassadors worldwide, we turn your city into a magnet for global startups

Build Community

Finally, to convince startups to set up biz in your city and staying for long term, spend time and effort to develop a Trust Network and Community around your Brand. Let us show you how


What You Get

For each and every client we design a tailor made solution and we define the expected outcome.
Here is the overview of possibilities we create for you.



Majority of startups in our network are mature, making revenue or have raised € 1M+



We make sure your Brand gets recognition among startups in 25+ countries over 4 continents



Take 1-1 meetings with 50+ startup founders who express interest in setting up business activity in your city

City Brand, Marketing

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