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Scale via Poland

Capture the 40M+ Polish market and onwards into W. Europe by getting real clients and real results. No photo-ops, armchair experts or useless Pilots.

Problem At Hand


You have a selling product with a couple of clients and have just gained a fresh round of funding. You are looking to capture the next big market that gets your startup into the big league.


How we help

For FREE we help you check if the 40M+ Polish market is the right fit for your product or not. Assured it is? We help you double down in Poland with a local team and train your sights on W. Europe next.


Our highly qualified sales consultants generate 10+ meetings with real customers in Poland for FREE within 3 months


We customize your pitch to suit local cultural nuances and even offer local language sales support


We use our social media and networks to promote you and help you find a local team so you start generating revenues quickly​


What You Get

For each and every startup we design a tailor made solution and we define the expected outcome.
Here is the overview of possibilities we create for you.


Customer calls

10+ meetings or video calls with potential customers in Poland. No Pilots, only real customers


Total time taken

Results delivered in 3 months flat. No dragging of feet, no empty future promises


Potential client list

A list of 200+ potential clients and partners from your sector delivered to you

Scale via Poland

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