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Startup Program Design

Engage with successful startups all over the world to understand how they think and act; then, design suitable incentives and startup programs that lead to a robust local entrepreneurial ecosystem

Problem At Hand

Wasteful Startup Programs

Most governments have difficulty understanding startups, how they work and what they need for growth. The result: gov. sponsored startup programs that waste millions of $$ without producing real results on the ground


How we help

Starting with helping governments understand startups better, we focus on designing clever incentives that boost startup growth. And, then, embed them into startup program design to produce real results: more local startups, no wasted money

Startup Workshops

Conduct a couple of workshops for gov. officials with active participation of successful startups to understand the startup mindset before designing programs for them

Design Incentives

Clever incentive formulation is key. We work with Gov. officials to determine: What incentives attract startups and promote their growth? Lessons from other countries?

Design Startup Programs

Taking into account your city's overall business ecosystem and incorporating incentives, we design startup programs that create a robust startup ecosystem measurable with hard numbers


What You Get

For each and every client we design a tailor made solutions and we define the expected outcome.
Here is the overview of possibilities we create for you.



We pull in founders of successful global startups and run workshops between them and gov. officials to facilitate learning process

€ 0,00


Replace Grant money with clever Incentives that attract global startups to your city, do business, hire and contribute to your local ecosystem



Over multiple sessions with gov. officials, design a couple of € 0,00 grant money startup programs that create the right impact in your city

Startup Program Design

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