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Devshop Polska

Save 52% on your product development costs by tapping into Poland’s 600K+ strong developer community ranked consistently in Top-3 globally

Problem At Hand

Development Costs

You have just gotten your hard-earned VC funding and your Product Development costs
eat up a third to half of the funds leaving too little money for growth!


How we help

We help you offshore product development to Poland’s most dynamic region of Pomerania in a seamless fashion, with the spatial and time-zone differences not affecting the quality or speed of your product delivery to the market:


We build you a co-located development team end-to-end in Gdańsk; this is much more than hiring a few developers for you


We do the employer branding for you so employee onboarding is quick and retention is high


We are your eyes and ears on the ground for a year, troubleshooting any problems for you so there is zero drop in productivity


What You Get

For each and every startup we design a tailor made solution and we define the expected outcome.
Here is the overview of possibilities we create for you.


cost reduction

Lower developer salaries and tax benefits make product dev at least 52% cheaper

3-6 w

ramp up time

Your DevShop is off the ground in less than 6 weeks



94% of recruited developers stay in team for over 12 months


Developer pool

Easily find rare skillsets among massive pool of 600K devs, ranked among Top-3 in the world

Devshop Polska​

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