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R&D Grants

Get € 2.5M in equity-free R&D Grants to build your next-gen tech product and sell it across the world

Problem At Hand

Deep-tech Funding

You are building a deep-tech startup that investors are reluctant to fund. Or, you are simply trying to gain an edge over competition by building the next-gen technology and sell it globally.


How we help

For FREE we set up your Polish (an EU) company and support your maintenance costs for 9 months. Then we apply and win R&D Grants of € 2.5M for you without your having to even visit Poland once.


For FREE, we set up your Polish company and build a local R&D team for you


Our Grants Consultants with 65%+ success-rate then work with you to submit a winnable application


We cover maintainenance of your local company for 9 months so you focus fully on your R&D plans and Grant application


What You Get

For each and every startup we design a tailor made solution and we define the expected outcome.
Here is the overview of possibilities we create for you.

€ 0

Free polish company

We set up of a Polish company for you, a pre-requisite to applying for these R&D Grants. All FREE

9 months

Company Maintenance

Your Virtual Office, Accounting, etc. costs are all FREE for 9 months so you focus fully on your tech and R&D plans


Success rate

compared with 5-10% success rate of European Grants, we give you a win-rate of more than 65%

€ 2.5M

Grant money won

In the end you go home with € 2.5M in equity-free Grants and start developing your avant-garde technology

R&D Grants

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